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Available Units for Rent

Current Available Ames Rental Properties: (AS OF 2/12/20)


Open NOW 1000 Delaware, Sublease from now until July 15th 2020, 2 bedroom duplex, garage, Washer & Dryer, dishwasher $725/month


Open August 1st 2020: 303 Hayward, 4 bedroom house in campus town, off-street parking, washer/dryer, $1920/month


Open August 1st 2020: 312 Hayward #202, 2 bedroom campus town apartment, Gas, heat, water, garbage, lawn care all part of rent $825/month


Open August 1st 2020: 1011 North Dakota, 3 bedroom duplex, washer & dryer, garage, dishwasher, garbage and lawn care part of rent $950/month


Open August 1st 2020: 1327 Woodstock, 2 bedroom duplex, washer & dryer, unfinished basement, lawn care part of rent $800/month


Open 8/1/20:  1311 Woodstock, 2 bedroom duplex, washer, dryer, dishwasher, unfinished basement, close to Cy-Ride $800/month


Open Now: 2222 Prairie View East, Sublease until end of July for $725, washer, dryer, dishwasher, basement, yard, $825/month



































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